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An American woman happily married to an Italian and living in Florence for the past twenty years, unexpectedly finds herself falling in love-with Sicily.
This beautifully written, deeply personal cross-cultural memoir, recounted with an astute foreigner-in-residence perspective, offers a graceful strategy for growing older: the wonders in store for those willing to exchange the symptoms of an empty nest for the veil of a second honeymoon.
By turns insightful and humorous, this seemingly simple tale of true happiness is chock-full of nuance: every page offers a glimpse of the sublime at the end of the rainbow.

"THE NEW PARADISE" - Ranieri Polese
"Two grown daughters, a house surrounded with olive orchards at the door of Florence, a serene life spent on the banks of the Arno, what could have pushed Kate and Niccolo to search for the house of their dreams in Sicily? And why Erice, from which one views the converging of two seas? "Two Seas", by Lynn Rodolico, recounts as if a love story, the discovery of a place that promises the gift of happiness: the first moments in their dream house, the first months in the new paradise. Between the memories of her youth in America to her arrival in Florence, with her marriage and growing family, Kate lives fully the new season that the house in Erice offers. It is a book dedicated to all those who search for the ideal place, and who don't tire in the pursuit of their dreams."

"A NEW EPIPHANY" - Luigi Giannitrapani
"What drives a writer to write a story? John Middleton Murry, the well-known literary critic of the last century, and the husband of Katherine Mansfield, wrote in his book KEATS AND SHAKESPEARE: "To know a work of literature is to know the soul of the man who created it, and who created it in order that his soul should be known". This definition well applies to TWO SEAS, by Lynn Rodolico. The book, in a fluent, touching and, in some parts poetic language, narrates a heart-touching, true-life experience of an American woman, transplanted, by chance, destiny, or fate, in Italy. Here she finds her love, creates her family, and all of a sudden, in an unforeseen way, she incurs a totally new experience, which touches her heart and imagination, giving way to a new epiphany, reinvigorating her strengths as well as her spirits. The dynamics of the plot move between Florence and Sicily and is full of well-described characters and situations, amusing and touching at the same time. The novel will inspire a sensitive reader toward a new longing for a fresh search and exploration about the inscrutable aspects of his own life."

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