Eccolo Editions
Eccolo Ediotions
Lynn Rodolico

Once you’ve known the rapture of love and have lost it, can you ever give yourself again?
She had everything the world could offer. She was young, talented, in love with the greatest composer in Europe –and he loved her as much as she loved him.
She was his muse, his inspiration, but his love was laced with possessiveness. His fatal flaw was his fear that he couldn’t create if he didn’t keep her always at his side.
In a burst of independence that results in tragedy, Jean-Pierre is gone. Melissa must bear the guilt of her actions, and face the rest of her life alone.
Love finds a way of trespassing onto her seclusion, but before Melissa can accept this unexpected second chance at love, she must reconcile her past with her future.
Poignantly touching, as only young love can be.

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